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Glasgow Central to Glengarnock

Sun 2019-02-17 04:09

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Scheduled Train Services (Direct services only)
Glasgow Central to Glengarnock
Originating FromDepPlatArrPlatDestinationEarlier trains
Monday, 18th February
ScotRailGlasgow Central06:151106:43LargsCalling points
Train stopsArrDep
Glasgow Central06:15
Paisley Gilmour Street06:2406:25
Johnstone (Renfrewshire)06:2906:29
Milliken Park06:3206:32
Howwood (Renfrewshire)06:3406:34
Journey Time:
28 mins
Ordinary Passenger
First & Standard seats
Power Type:
Electric Multiple Unit
100 mph
Later trains

CAUTION: Data is updated weekly and may not reflect unplanned dispruptions such as essential engineering works, weather or otherwise. Live train times can be found on our Stationboard pages. Train schedules data courtesy of ATOC. Last updated: 2019-02-08.

Network Rail Timetables

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